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The three realms of “Yuanxuan”, “Mourning” and “Waijing” outline Japanese aesthetics that are silent, soft, and advocating instant beauty. German design addresses sensual needs from a rational perspective and constructs rigorous, concise, sophisticated, and functionally driven aesthetics. Italian design, with its classical linage, are characterized by luxurious, elegant and romantic forms. As a rising star, Thai design reinvests traditional and continues to capture the hearts of trendy people.

When the aesthetics of various countries enjoy their glorious moment, how should we define, produce, and sustain the Chinese aesthetics in a global point of view ?

Aesthetic Tribes is a non-governmental organization which focus on matching and mind sharing. Using Chinese aesthetics as theme, the organization aspires to create continuous growth and a symbiotic community by way of organizing, planning and operating under exact goals. Ultimately exporting Taiwan’s economically viable aesthetics supply chain and promoting Chinese aesthetics to gain a firm foothold on the global stage.

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Team members

Jacksam Yang


Becky Chen

and CEO

Jiajia Chang

Chief Image Officer

Sherry Meng

Art Advising Consultant

Victoria Sheng

Secretary General

Noelle Chen

Deputy Secretary General

Yang Shu-ling

Education Director

Sunny Hsu

Deputy Education Director

Ader Li

Exhibition Director

Marco Zhou

Deputy Exhibition Director


Vase Flower

Yongan Chu, Founder of Vase Flower

Wuxian He

Founder of Signarchi


Professor and Head of Creative Design Department, Asia University

Benjamin Warmer

Director of RSHP Asia

Andrew Yang

Renown Architect


Emerson Wang

Founder of Emerson Art

Water Y H Chiang

CEO of Very Conception Corp

Timmy Chou

G.M. of Akuma Dsign

Chun-ting Lin

New Media Artist

Wei Lin

Director of Interial Design Division Feng Chia University

Gao Yuan

International renown photographer

Ryan Kuo

Founder of Cleaspace Design

Joe Chen

APEX Design Consultant Co.

Qiuyu Yang

Founder of Emerge Architects & Associate

Sammy Liu

Lighting artist

Liling Wang

Fashion designer

Billy Canning

Chief chanderlier designer


Mural Illustrator

Ivan Sigg

Art Performer

Papatzanaki Antonia


Elisabeth WELA

sculptor, painter


Design Consultant

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Aesthetic Sharing

2021/7/19【Ru-Zhi Silk weaving aesthetics|Sustainable natural ecological engineering method】

#Inspire design connection from countryside Fashion designer Huang Jiayi dares to start a business, because the believeing of "natural materials" and "freedom", she mastered her own characteristics. "Materials" 100% from natural silk. Taiwan's old tailors hand-sew "techniques". And simple style of design. With Capricorn's keenness and steadfastness, which allowed her to adhere to its characteristics since she founded "Ru-Zhi Silk" in 2015. In addition to her unique design style, her brand image has become more distinctive... more

2021/6/8【Peach Spring in the City|Banmu 】

#Breathing building
#Banmu In these days, staying at home for a long time makes people think again about the importance of "housing form." Looking back on the past, dragging our tired body and soul back home, and opening the window, the concrete jungle full of copper smell is still greeted by our eyes. So we calculated again and again, regarding the weekend’s "city escape" plan. Day after day, do I live or stay alive?... more

2021/5/18 【The most precious daily delicacy|Fuxing Rice Store】

#Stone Shih
#Eat well, live well When it comes to Chinese dining culture, "rice" is undoubtedly an indispensable part. However, due to the similarities and differences in the types, the selection of utensils, the amount of water, or the length of cooking time, it has created thousands of gestures. The cooked "one bowl of rice" in every family is certainly different. Isn't this like life, some people are soft, some are firm throughout their lives, and some are like the bitter bitter and burnt "crust" that is hard on the outside, soft on the inside, and live a life of chic... more

2021/1/26【Interior Designer Mr. Ader Lee 】

#Design for dream
#Lifestyle of beauty ....more

2020/12/19【Born in nature: the beauty of serenity from Zu Yong An】

#Metaphysical aesthetic #Blooming flowers of life ....more

2020/10/13【Roaming city : Andrew Yang’s poetic aesthetics】

#Andrew Yang the wanderer #Life is created by aesthetics Walter Benjamin, a German cultural critic, ....more

2020/8/22【Infinity transparent blue : Tristan’s “mountain blue” art】

Get equipped, adjust your breathing & step by ....more

2020/7/7【Ryan Kuo’s relativity 】

The inspiration for "Xiang.Dui " is from the awareness of everything ....more

2020/5/31【Nicola’s quarantine diary 】

Nicola Padovani, an artist from Milan, ....more

2020/5/28【Digital art from Ivan 】

Since France imposed the ban, Ivan has been broadcasting ....more

Asethetic Activities

"The Beauties in Taiwan" JUSTIME Genesis Designing Project
Project Qi Fei: The visiting to Delta and Banmu
When interior designers met Wang Liling
One Art Taipei Aesthetic Tribes special
2020/12/12 2020【The Beauties in Taiwan】Final Exhibition of JUSTIME Genesis Designing Project
Hosted by:Kuanju Design
Sponsored by:Sheng Tai Brassware Co.,Ltd.
Participants: Yunshi Design / Archlin Studio/Hope Design/SW Design/ CHS interior/InSpace Lab/Yun Cai Interior Design/Gray gate Design/OSking Peng Interior Design/Newxid Design/ Songsin-Make Design/Skydesign 101/Ader Design/Senpei Design
2020/11/13 Project Qi Fei—Seminar for Pre-aging Living Space Design
Hosted by:China University Of Technology (CUTE), Design Education Center
Co-Hosted by:Aesthetic Tribes
Guest speakers:Cai Shi Ping, renowned author/ Chen Zi Hao, the attending physician of Geriatrics Center, NTU/ You Bi Jing, Associate Professor, Interior Design, CUTE/ Yang Qui Yu, architect of Emerge Architects & Associate/Delta Electronic, Inc./Formica Taiwan/Yacht Living/Goater Delicious Kitchenware/artists
2020/9/29 Project Qi Fei— The kick off press conference at Kishu An
Hosted by:China University Of Technology(CUTE), Design Education Center
Co-Hosted by:Aesthetic Tribes
Co-organizers: TnAID/CCDA Taipei Related reports
2020/9/11 Substantial talks among Shokuzin, the citizens of the earth
Co-Hosted by:Aesthetic Tribes/Sky Good Point Exchange(GPE) /Great Taiwan Fashion Week
Guest Speakers: David Lo, CEO of GPE/Timmy Chou, Director of Design Education Center/ Wang Li Ling, Fashion Designer/Yang Shu Lin, Chairman CCDA Taipei/Zhuang Cheng Quan, President Shi Yue International Co.,Ltd./Long Yun Xiang,President Foreverst Group
Co-organizers: Related reports
2020/8/15 Seminar of JUSTIME Genesis Project
Co-Hosted by:Kuanju Design
Co-organizers:Aesthetic Tribes
Guest Speaker:Andrew Huang, Director, TAGather Goods
2020/7/21 Future ALL In, substantial art exhibitions
Co-Hosted by:Good Point Exchange GPE
Co-organizers:Aesthetic Tribes
Guest Speakers:Emerson Wang, Curator/ Yang Huang Sheng, Co-Founder of Aesthetic Tribes/Ryan Kuo, guest mentor of Aesthetic Tribes/Robin Peckham, Director of Taipei DangDai Art &Ideas/ artists
Related reports
2020/07/15 The Beauties in Taiwan】Final Exhibition of JUSTIME Genesis Designing Project
Upon the achievements of "Made in Taiwan" and by working with supporting associations to create the core values of Taiwan brand. To reinforce cross borders cooperation for introducing Taiwan designing ability to international markets.
2020/06/27 Aesthetic talks: Future City with cross culture
Co-Hosted by:Good Point Exchange GPE/ Aesthetic Tribes/ CCDA Taipei
Guest Speakers:Emerson Wang, Curator/ Ryan Kuo, head designer of Cleaspace/ artists
2020/06/12 Aesthetic talks: Environmental sustainability and promotion of art
Co-Hosted by:Good Point Exchange GPE/ Aesthetic Tribes/ XNET
Guest Speakers:Chu Yong An,the godfather of Asia Floral art/Yang Huang Sheng, co-founder of Aesthetic Tribes/ Ryan Kuo, head designer of Cleaspace/ David Lo, CEO of Good Point Exchange
2020/06/10 Aesthetic talks: the beauty of cross culture
Co-Hosted by:Aesthetic Tribes
Guest Speaker:Emerson Wang, curator/Yang Qiu Yu, architect